Firmfix Waterproof Sealant is made of efficient waterproof materials, providing excellent solutions for repairing wall leaks, repairing roof leaks, waterproofing toilets, and window sills. After application, a waterproof layer will be formed after 24-48 hours, and it will become stronger over time.

STEP1: Before use, clean the surface of the product that needs to be applied and any leakage areas. If their is water on such surface kindly clean it or ensure the surface is dry.


The sealant cant have a contract with water else it wont give the desired outcome.

Step 2 : Use a brush to evenly apply it horizontally. Use the brush to apply it effectively, Wait for 12 hours for the second time brushing up. When the Waterproof is dry, it can contact with Water ( high temperature or water do not affect it once its applied).

Repeat this process for other cracked areas.

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